About the Concrete Roof Tile

The Concrete Roof Tiles of the Double Roman type, as the best, more advantageous and most reliable cover for the roofs of buildings , is made from the best sand, cement and special color usable for concrete products . the concrete roofing tiles are really made from an artistic mixture of nature and fully automatic machinery. Using the best raw materials , benefit from the most advanced technical knowledge and expertise. Using  the modern and upgraded machines of fully automatic functions, enjoying the skilled and educated manpower of long experiences all and all prepared the ground and conditions that the products the manufactured and supplied with the best and most reliable quality so that the satisfaction of our customers be considerably attracted. The Research and Development unit of our company is always trying to acquaint  the company with the latest advancement and standards in the world with the aim that be used by the company for the optimization of the production line.

Iran Roof Tile Technical Data

1-Physical Data
Size :420mm (length_) *330mm (with)
Double roman: 10tiles per 1 square meter containing 70mm overlap.
Ridge tile: 3tiles per 1 meter containing 10 mm overlap.
Double Roman : 4.6 (kg) per each tile * 10=46 (kg) per 1 square meter
Iran Roof Tile is composed of a mixture of cement , sand aggregate, color oxides, also roof tile coating (Germany), extruded under high pressure.
Using the Concrete Roof Tile with suitable colors gives the building a significant beauty and attraction . Iran Roof Tiles are coated by special industrial coatings roof tile coating (made in Germany) in 6 most demanding colors.