Iran roof tile

The first and sole manufacture of concrete tiles for inclined roofs in iran

Iran Roof Tile at a Glance (About us)

As it comes from its name; Iran Roof Tile is a company engaged in the manufacture of Concrete Roof Tiles for inclined roofs in the Middle East , this company is located in the North of Iran within the industrial town of Rasht , the centre of Gilan province.

The line of this company dates back to 1997-98 when it has been designed, constructed and operated in coopration and consultation with the German and Swedish company. The equipment and machines of the plant which totally installed by the aforesaid companies function in full automatically manner.

Iran Roof Tile intends, in coopration with the companies mentioned above, to upgrade and optimize its production line in order to increase the production capacity and enhance the quality to satisfy the domestic market. The Iran Roof Tile administration is constantly striving to comply with the latest developments and technology emerge in the Roofing Systems and in the Roof Tile Industry world wide aimng to keep always the plant machinery in a satisfactory level . The attraction of the customers satisfaction and paying special attention to their tastes and interests is another important incentive for the companys Administration to upgrade and furtherly equip the plant system as a whole.